Annoy-us Pictorius

Facebook has many great uses – helping you avoid annoying phone conversations, finding out which of your friends/ exes/ long-lost crushes has grown fat/hot/rich, killing boredom on a busy work day, stalking your kids, feeding a whole generation of ‘social media experts’ – to name a few.

But this proliferation of people posting picture-perfect photos for posterity and all perpetuity (see what I did there?  :P) has some unsettling side effects. You may be reminded of the life you left behind to move on. The love you thought will last forever. Or friends you swore were a big part of your life, but now have an awkward equation with. Or even your long cherished dream; now being lived by someone else.

Annoying FB posts

If you ever find yourself angry/upset/annoyed/wistful/nostalgic/craving-tequilas after a guided photo-tour of your friends’ awesome new life, here are some tips to cope with it:

  1. Slap yourself hard. On second thoughts, don’t. Since you are already into masochism, you might enjoy it. Get someone else to slap some sense into you. And you can return the favour.
  2. Smile. Go down memory lane and focus on the happy times had. If there’s a good story in it, blog the hell out of it and share it on FB with a ‘names changed to protect privacy’ disclaimer. Sit back and enjoy.
  3. Read this.  Best. Advice. Ever
  4. Log off. Go out, get a life and make some memories of your own. But do NOT post every damn detail online and start a vicious cycle.

As for me, I’ve done the first three. Time to try out #4. Ciao!

Comments, please?

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