Post hibernation post

Hi, readers of this blog (yes, all 4 of you)

Sorry for the long silence. I’d like to convince you that I was caught up with work and personal to-do lists, but meh, I got lazy.

So what have I been mainly up to:

  • I got my parents married. Yea, you heard that right. My dad turned 60 this year and as per tradition, we brought in this milestone birthday by getting him hitched again, to the same person who’s been driving him crazy and keeping him sane for the past 30+ years.  As with all traditional events, it was a relative infested, fun-filled and stressful affair. More on that in a separate post.
  • Still trying to decide whether I stand on the buy vs. rent debate.  Like all yuppies hobbling along in the rat race, I thought of putting my life savings in a pigeon-hole (read 1BHK in Mumbai suburbs).  I then realized I don’t have any savings. No worries, though. I still have that useless kidney and rentable uterus.  Plus my local bank has totally agreed to lend me the money as soon as I hand them my first-born son.
    (Serious side-bar: looking for valid logical arguments both for and against investment in real estate. Hit me with your half-baked opinions, guys!)
  • Work – I realized it was a lot like love.  Like breaking up with someone, dating a new person, trying to re-create the magic of your ex-relationship and realizing this association will bring its own ups and downs, and finally re-falling in love(I think).
  • Finally, I thought and thought and thought a lot about my next blog topic. Nothing seemed interesting, entertaining or inspiring enough.  Till I said- Screw it, let’s do it. So ta-da! Here’s much ado about nothing.

Till next time we meet…

Comments, please?

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