Oreo- That’s the way the cookie ‘connects’

Oreo is known for some really interesting and creative work online and on social media. Their posts centred on the hottest ‘current affairs ’, with a touch of tongue-in-cheek humour and brilliantly wacky designs/copy have won them many followers/fans. Needless to say, they pull off superbly viral campaigns. For some kick-ass real-time engagement, check out OreoIndia’s current … Continue reading Oreo- That’s the way the cookie ‘connects’

Annoy-us Pictorius

Facebook has many great uses – helping you avoid annoying phone conversations, finding out which of your friends/ exes/ long-lost crushes has grown fat/hot/rich, killing boredom on a busy work day, stalking your kids, feeding a whole generation of ‘social media experts’ – to name a few. But this proliferation of people posting picture-perfect photos … Continue reading Annoy-us Pictorius