Never have I ever

Hmm.. today’s writing exercise is to speed-write for 10 minutes about things I have never done ( and obviously want to).. so here goes:

Never have I ever…kissed in the rain. Not a romantic kiss. The soul-searing kind that sets you on fire, melts your fingertips as your pull on his hair, your back arching, stars exploding behind your eyelids, while he marks a trail across your neck all the way to the freckle on your collarbone, and then you break apart breathless only because you want to look into his chocolate eyes and smile while your heart threatens to burst out of your chest with happiness. Or lust. You pick.

Never have I ever.. punched someone. Usually my takedowns are of the verbal kind – some times ferocious argument, on occasion succinct burns, and even softly delivered threats. But man, how must it feel to land a well-placed left hook on someone who totally deserves it?

Never have I ever… watched a movie alone in a theater. What do you do when you want to discuss plot twists, or point out scripting fails, or drool at some abs?

Never have I ever…. bought a swimsuit. I know, body image issues messing with my head. Preventing me from learn swimming. For someone who LOVES beaches, I am sure over-thinking this a lot.

Never have I ever… watched the Avengers movies. There, I said it! I’ll need someone to hook me up with all the movies in the correct order for me to enjoy. But it’s one of my resolutions for 2022 to get well-acquainted with MCU.

Never have I ever.. called out some bull-shitter on social media. LinkedIN is full of hashtags, people feeling “humbled” or “amazed” for awards they get (or “procure”) or employees singing paens to their bosses (while I know for a fact they’re stabbing needles into voodoo figurines of their manager). I often wonder what it’d be like to go, “Hey, didn’t your boss turn down your request for a project release and threaten you with a bad appraisal if you talked to HR?” Meh, I’ll save truth grenades and popcorn for when I am close to retirement.

And… my time is up! Whew!

Tell, what’s on your list of “things you’ve never done”?