I am fire-born

I have long waited for this day. Many years, in fact. My hair can finally be bound now. For thirteen years, I have prayed for this moment to come. I have some peace at last. You may know me as The Dark Princess, The Queen, The Hairdresser, or even – Whore, Temptress, Slave. But I … Continue reading I am fire-born


She finished the last of her chores for the day and heaved a sigh of relief. Dinner had been served, dishes washed, her inlaws had retired for the night and her husband had left for work. "Oh no, your husband on night shift again.. that too, newly weds.." her friends would giggle, leading to bawdy … Continue reading Bliss

Threads of memory

My dear Radheya, That’s what everyone calls you, right? I remember how you stood tall and proud that day in the arena. I recognized you instantly. I was overjoyed, surprised, ashamed of myself, but very very proud of you. When the gurus Drona and Kripa asked your name, you proudly declared yourself son of Radha. … Continue reading Threads of memory


Today I witnessed history being made. Today I saw the judiciary in its full glory – trashing social mores and taking up for the persecuted. Today after a long time, I logged into a happy, positive, encouraging Twitter. Today I understood why many men and women in my India felt they could finally breathe free. … Continue reading Today