Threads of memory

My dear Radheya, That’s what everyone calls you, right? I remember how you stood tall and proud that day in the arena. I recognized you instantly. I was overjoyed, surprised, ashamed of myself, but very very proud of you. When the gurus Drona and Kripa asked your name, you proudly declared yourself son of Radha. … Continue reading Threads of memory

Dear Diary I am in love

Dear diary, Last night I had a wonderful dream. I was a beautiful bride, and he was dressed like a prince. There was a grand wedding, with riches, and silks and finery and delicious food. The whole town was cheering for us, and dad was over the moon that I was marrying this perfect guy. … Continue reading Dear Diary I am in love


Today I witnessed history being made. Today I saw the judiciary in its full glory – trashing social mores and taking up for the persecuted. Today after a long time, I logged into a happy, positive, encouraging Twitter. Today I understood why many men and women in my India felt they could finally breathe free. … Continue reading Today