Book review: Bandra bloodline

Some years ago, during my post grad years, I stayed as a 'paying guest' with a Pali village family. Living with aunty Sandra was an interesting experience, especially her English dialect and turn of phrase. So reading this book 'Bandra bloodline' by Godfrey Joseph Pereira was a delightful nostalgia trip. Set in Bandra, Mumbai in a time... Continue Reading →


Sometimes I dream

Sometimes I dream of you. We talk and talk, till we run out of words..and then our silences tell stories. Sometimes I dream. I remember your laughter, open and infectious, your eyes crinkling. Sometimes I dream. We share without artifice or agenda, our hearts naked and lips unbound. Sometimes I dream. It's just like before... Continue Reading →

The zone

There is this place in life -all of us women have lived there. Familiar, reassuring, safe. So ...comforting. The comfort zone. We start out determined, to make our destiny, to realize our dreams, or to hold on to happiness. But somewhere down the line, we are lulled into a habit of being taken care of.... Continue Reading →

Dressed to kill

Her fingers worked furiously, gathering the pleats, tucking here, folding there.. It was the first time she was wearing a sari on her own. The YouTube video made it seem so easy and effortless, she fumed. Nevertheless, she was determined to do a little dress-up today. For it was “Traditional Day” at work. For he... Continue Reading →

‘Carpe Diem’ for your career

Recently, I came across this site Aswin Vayiravan, a ‘fresh off the boat graduate’, as he calls himself, had set his heart on joining Freshdesk. However, he landed a job with another reputed firm via campus placement. Caught between a conventional career path for a software engineer and the desire to work at this favourite company.... Continue Reading →

You’re with me, mom

When I smile at the scent of a jasmine strand. When I make roast potatoes just the way you taught me. When I stand proud next to the boy you approved. When I pick up fights with people who litter and help strangers with heavy bags. You’re with me every step of the way, MOM.... Continue Reading →

Your move, friend

We looked at the sea. I vividly recall the beautiful sunset, blurred by tears. “Everything is going to change”, you said. “No! We’ll not let anything happen to us”, I protested. “I want us to go back to how we were”, you sighed. “Of course we will, silly” I said. “We can face anything together.... Continue Reading →

But …you’re a girl..

I don’t remember the first time I heard these words.. (usually followed by – “You should/shouldn’t/can/can’t”). Conveyed mostly with self-righteous zeal, often with a smug tone, a smidgeon of ‘concern’ and always always unsolicited. “You’re a girl” has been suffixed with many a gem of patriarchal wisdom and, of course, “Indian culture”. J Some absolute... Continue Reading →

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