Book review: Bandra bloodline

Some years ago, during my post grad years, I stayed as a 'paying guest' with a Pali village family. Living with aunty Sandra was an interesting experience, especially her English dialect and turn of phrase. So reading this book 'Bandra bloodline' by Godfrey Joseph Pereira was a delightful nostalgia trip. Set in Bandra, Mumbai in a time … Continue reading Book review: Bandra bloodline

Book review – The Ascetic of Desire

“Of what use is the practice of virtue, when its results are so uncertain?” – Kamasutra 1.2.21 Thus begins the book ‘The Ascetic of Desire’ by Sudhir Kakar. I chuckled, marvelled at this insightful comment and promptly bought this book to devour on a flight. In this work of fiction set in the 4th century … Continue reading Book review – The Ascetic of Desire