What will people say?

This question was the guiding principle of the Rajan family. All decisions, be it Appa buying a second hand car, Amma wearing nighties at home, or putting Kavita in veena classes, or letting Swati ride a Scooty to college, were made after putting it to the test of “what will people say?”. If the family... Continue Reading →


Tell me a story

“Mummy, mummy, story, please!” Little Ritika hovered around tugging at Indira’s sari. “Not now, dear, I have a lot work to do”, she bustled about the kitchen chopping, frying and stirring. Rishi had invited his friends for drinks. Again.  He’d called her just as she was stepping out for her yoga class, and told her... Continue Reading →

To my little girl

My dear little girl, I fell in love with you the moment I saw you. Your father, well, he thinks the sun rises when you open your eyes, and the best music in the world is your laughter. As parents, we have many hopes, dreams and wishes for you. And we also have our secret... Continue Reading →

You’re with me, mom

When I smile at the scent of a jasmine strand. When I make roast potatoes just the way you taught me. When I stand proud next to the boy you approved. When I pick up fights with people who litter and help strangers with heavy bags. You’re with me every step of the way, MOM.... Continue Reading →

But …you’re a girl..

I don’t remember the first time I heard these words.. (usually followed by – “You should/shouldn’t/can/can’t”). Conveyed mostly with self-righteous zeal, often with a smug tone, a smidgeon of ‘concern’ and always always unsolicited. “You’re a girl” has been suffixed with many a gem of patriarchal wisdom and, of course, “Indian culture”. J Some absolute... Continue Reading →

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