Tell me a story

“Mummy, mummy, story, please!” Little Ritika hovered around tugging at Indira’s sari. “Not now, dear, I have a lot work to do”, she bustled about the kitchen chopping, frying and stirring. Rishi had invited his friends for drinks. Again.  He’d called her just as she was stepping out for her yoga class, and told her... Continue Reading →


To my little girl

My dear little girl, I fell in love with you the moment I saw you. Your father, well, he thinks the sun rises when you open your eyes, and the best music in the world is your laughter. As parents, we have many hopes, dreams and wishes for you. And we also have our secret... Continue Reading →

16 things I learned in ‘16

As you might know, the stork visited me and Junior had popped out by the end of 2015. So 2016 was a year of learning and laughter, trials and triumphs, growth and goof-ups, you get the picture.. Here’s what I discovered on my journey of motherhood so far Everyone is winging it. Parenting is like... Continue Reading →

2 pink lines on a stick

One fine day, not long ago, N and I joined a worldwide dastardly plot to harass poor patrons in restaurants and airports. As with all major changes in my life, I reacted with calmness and equanimity. Haha, just kidding. My mind went million miles an hour trying to process words like ‘pregnancy’, 'ultrasounds' ‘maternity’, ‘leaning... Continue Reading →

You’re with me, mom

When I smile at the scent of a jasmine strand. When I make roast potatoes just the way you taught me. When I stand proud next to the boy you approved. When I pick up fights with people who litter and help strangers with heavy bags. You’re with me every step of the way, MOM.... Continue Reading →

Love means never having to say ‘I love you’

All of today’s relationship experts and love gurus keep telling us to say ‘I love you’... ‘Tell your loved ones’, they say, ‘express your feelings’. All around me, people are declaring their love, wishing birthdays (to people they sleep right next to, for God's sake!) and sharing romantic/intimate moments on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/latest-platform-for-attention-whores. But, here’s looking at... Continue Reading →


The past few weeks have been a stressful period, to say the least. Health, wealth and happiness have all been buggered indelicately; and sounding normal on the phone is like cardio .  Instead of succumbing to the urge to scream obscenities, break items, write black poetry or drown my sorrow in drinks (have I covered... Continue Reading →

Once upon a time

Once upon a time in a land far away, there was a beautiful house. Built with great love and thought, she stood proud, happy and tall.  As the architect put in power, plumbing and fittings, everyone told the house things like -“Hope a nice person moves in real soon”, or “Someone calling you ‘home’ is... Continue Reading →

Andaman Trip – Part 2

Continuing our Andaman chronicles where we left off... Here's what we did each day. Day 1:  Port Blair Cellular Jail – A former prison/ torture centre now stands as a testament to the countless sacrifices our forefathers made for our independence. It was an intense experience to see the reason this beautiful island got the... Continue Reading →

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