What will people say?

This question was the guiding principle of the Rajan family. All decisions, be it Appa buying a second hand car, Amma wearing nighties at home, or putting Kavita in veena classes, or letting Swati ride a Scooty to college, were made after putting it to the test of “what will people say?”. If the family … Continue reading What will people say?


Tell me a story

“Mummy, mummy, story, please!” Little Ritika hovered around tugging at Indira’s sari. “Not now, dear, I have a lot work to do”, she bustled about the kitchen chopping, frying and stirring. Rishi had invited his friends for drinks. Again.  He’d called her just as she was stepping out for her yoga class, and told her … Continue reading Tell me a story

Book review: One part woman

I must admit I bought this book when I heard about the surrounding controversy. But reading Perumal Murugan's Madhorubagan (translated as 'One part woman' by Aniruddhan Vasudevan ) was an illuminating experience. Whatever the custodians of culture claim, essentially this is a tale of love, loss and hope. Though set in the 1920s-40s, in a remote … Continue reading Book review: One part woman

Book review: Bandra bloodline

Some years ago, during my post grad years, I stayed as a 'paying guest' with a Pali village family. Living with aunty Sandra was an interesting experience, especially her English dialect and turn of phrase. So reading this book 'Bandra bloodline' by Godfrey Joseph Pereira was a delightful nostalgia trip. Set in Bandra, Mumbai in a time … Continue reading Book review: Bandra bloodline

Book review: Afterlife – Ghost stories from Goa

  Though generally regarded a 'brave girl', I must confess I stay far away from spooky stories, places, etc. But curiosity got the better of me when I read a summary of 'Afterlife - Ghost stories from Goa' by Jessica Faleiro. Set in the Goa of today, (give or take a few years) the Fonseca … Continue reading Book review: Afterlife – Ghost stories from Goa