Write every day, they said.

Write and it will come to you.

Write and your words will flow, they all say.

Pick a word of the day and push yourself, I was told.

Today’s word – indelible.

I thought I’ll make a flippant comment on how writing after a break is as laborious as removing an indelible ink stain off my dress.

But I can only think of you. How your breath scorched my skin and lips set me on fire.

I knew there would be tears later, but my body refused to listen.

“Tonight’s enough”, I shushed the warning voices in my head.

We had no past, and certainly no future together. But you knew how to make me laugh, and only I knew what made you cry.

The sunlight hit your eyes at an angle. It brought the brown and gold hues I loved. You have beautiful eyes. Did I ever tell you that? I think I did, just as we broke off the kissing.

I don’t really remember, you see. It’s been 5 years since you passed. But your warm breath and soft lips on my skin? An indelible mark on my soul.