A friendship frozen in time

Some relationships last a whole life time.

Some bonds fade over decades

Yet others change into something unrecognizable.

But there is something about a friendship frozen in time.

You step into a blizzard of memories, and everything feels like it just happened yesterday.

The silly pacts, serious promises, inside jokes, insane laughter, first whisky, weird music, wordless hugs – it all engulfs you, and you’re young and care-free again. It is like love in many ways, and yet different. Love gives you a tequila buzz, this feels like a cup of hot chocolate on a winter night.

When life pushes you to lace up and run, when the world tells you to seize the day, this person will turn up the music in your heart and drag you to the dance floor.  So every now and then, make time for this magic. The kind of friendship that makes sure you smile for no reason, a smile that makes your eyes crinkle.