Dear Diary I am in love

Dear diary,

Last night I had a wonderful dream. I was a beautiful bride, and he was dressed like a prince. There was a grand wedding, with riches, and silks and finery and delicious food. The whole town was cheering for us, and dad was over the moon that I was marrying this perfect guy.

I am in love. It’s been a while, and now I know for sure. He’s gorgeous – dark, with curly hair, dancing eyes and a naughty smile. He seems to be somewhat famous in my town; and to tell you the truth, he’s rumoured to be a ladies’ man. But I am utterly in love with him. He’s tall, dark and handsome, and also sweet, kind and full of light. Yes, yes, I know it’s complicated because he’s my dad’s boss. In fact, I got a severe tongue lashing when he discovered that I wore the ‘gift’ he gave his boss. “What gall” he yelled, “for you to give him your cast-offs!” But I was secretly delighted. Something that had touched my body now adorned him.

You know, dear diary, I have this little fantasy in my head where he’s the village’s darling cowherd and I am his favourite milkmaid. I pour my heart out into rhyme and verse – 30 poems, one for each day of this month – and woo him everyday till he accepts me.

You may call me crazy. I may go down in history as a dreamer, devot ee or a madwoman. But I will be best known as the girl who ruled over his heart.

Comments, please?

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