Strange friendships -1

It was a strange friendship.

They had nothing in common. But they were so close.

She adored him. He worshipped her since the day he saw her.

She made him laugh. He taught her to smile.

She loved to hear him sing. He would spend hours listening to her chatter.

He used to bake brownies for his wife earlier; but now he would only make them for her.

She was petrified of the water. Yet, she joined swimming lessons because he wanted her to.

They had their own little world of inside jokes, silly stories and giggles.

One day,  she had to go away on a new adventure. She cried and cried, saying she didn’t want to leave him behind.

He held her close, and assured her he’d be waiting for her when she came back.

“Promise me?”, she sniffled, “You’ll meet me outside the school gate, grandpa?”


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