To my little girl

My dear little girl,

I fell in love with you the moment I saw you. Your father, well, he thinks the sun rises when you open your eyes, and the best music in the world is your laughter.

As parents, we have many hopes, dreams and wishes for you. And we also have our secret fears, that we hope never come true.

To my little girl

Your world today is filled with people who care for you, take pride in your tiny victories, and want you to be the best ‘you’. But what if you choose someone who breaks your heart and makes you cry? No, I don’t mean a brute who may lay a hand on you, for that will be the last thing he ever does. (we intend to teach you to ‘don’t start a fight, but finish it’). My worry is about the boy who will not “let you” meet your friends, or get that degree abroad. The man who thinks he should handle your money, or worse, that you don’t need to earn any. The spouse who asks you to “adjust or get out” when his mom throws ugly tantrums. The partner who demands all your passwords to “prove” you’re worthy of his trust.

I worry, child, that you may unwittingly let an abusive monster into your heart. If, God forbid, that happens to you, remember this, dear. You are kind, courageous and smart. You deserve a relationship of love and support, where you both will grow into better people. You are worthy of a rock solid friendship with someone who will cheer at your successes, kiss away your pain and encourage you to try again tomorrow.

Anything less than this, and you get out. You get out with your head held high and a smile on your face. We got your back, kannamma.


  • I wrote this post as part of the Blogathon series #ALettertoHer by Women’s Web to create awareness about domestic violence.
  • I would like to read Meena Kandasamy’s new book, When I Hit You, to see if she has brought in a fresh perspective on the subject of domestic abuse, especially in a society where the primary tool to deal with this is adjustment, and silence.

8 thoughts on “To my little girl

  1. pratikshya2 says:

    Loved this letter… Emotional and domestic abuse is such a hushed topic in our society today.. it’s great initiative by Women’s web.. want to read that book too…
    And trust based on passwords.. sad that relationship needs that.. it shouldn’t..

  2. Priji says:

    Very well articulated priya. .Most of the times in indian family we are taught to endure domestic violence and not walk off from a turbulent marriage. When your daughter grows and reads this she will be proud of having a supportive family to back her.

  3. Nitish says:

    Really well written post – and amen to every word you said.. ESPECIALLY to the “train to finish a fight” bit!!!

  4. The Past Due Book Review says:

    I really like the sentiment and execution of this beautiful letter to your daughter. Wonderfully written.

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