Sometimes I dream

Sometimes I dream of you.
We talk and talk, till we run out of words..and then our silences tell stories.
Sometimes I dream.
I remember your laughter, open and infectious, your eyes crinkling.
Sometimes I dream.
We share without artifice or agenda, our hearts naked and lips unbound.
Sometimes I dream.
It’s just like before – we fight for the last piece of garlic bread, you make me watch Sherlock Holmes over and over; and I buy you weird sounding cocktails.
Sometimes I dream.
You pretend you don’t need your jacket back, and I keep it close because it smells of you.
Sometimes I dream.
It’s that evening again. But this time, we don’t say things we cannot take back. You hold me close and kiss my head. I smile and take your hand. And we go for a walk.
Because sometimes all I can do is dream.

8 thoughts on “Sometimes I dream

  1. Mandar says:

    The world needs more people like you. People who see beauty in the simple complexities of life and can actually weave these thoughts into such complex simplicities. Keep writing!

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