The zone

There is this place in life -all of us women have lived there. Familiar, reassuring, safe. So …comforting. The comfort zone.

We start out determined, to make our destiny, to realize our dreams, or to hold on to happiness. But somewhere down the line, we are lulled into a habit of being taken care of.

Our dad takes care of our investments. Our boyfriend takes us to a party. Our friend comes along for that trekking trip with strangers. Our husband talks to the car mechanic. Our colleague watches over us on an out-station business trip.

This is much more pronounced when we live with a significant other. Right from fixing a fused bulb to dropping us to assorted places, our men take over (bless their heart). But as a consequence, we lose a bit of that faith in ourselves. A stupid nagging voice pipes up – Can I step out for a nightly jog? Will it be ok to share a cab with this co-worker? Should I volunteer for  the new project? And its echoes are loudest in the comfort zone.

I tried responding to it. I pacified, placated, distracted and convinced. Till one day, I discovered you can tune it out if you step out of your comfort zone. The more I do things atypical of me, the more feeble that stupid voice becomes. Moral of this whole rambling post – In case you too are bothered by voices of self-doubt in your head, firmly stomp on them and walk away to do something interesting with your life.

Comments, please?

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