Book review: Afterlife – Ghost stories from Goa



Though generally regarded a ‘brave girl’, I must confess I stay far away from spooky stories, places, etc. But curiosity got the better of me when I read a summary of ‘Afterlife – Ghost stories from Goa‘ by Jessica Faleiro.

Set in the Goa of today, (give or take a few years) the Fonseca family patriarch’s 75th birthday celebration brings about a family reunion. Daughters, cousins, uncle, aunt, etc. gather to catch up and reminisce about extended family. A power cut and an evening in a dark house lit with candles invariably steers the conversation to paranormal experiences. Each family member tells a story that happened to them or someone they knew.

With tales set in places like eighteenth century Goa, 1960’s Venice and twenty-first century America, this book makes for an interesting read. Not to mention, the slightly creepy feeling you get when you visualize a lone man cycling through a graveyard on a misty morning, or a rocking chair swaying gently.

The best part is the end of the book, though. Without giving too much away, I must mention that it is an apt ending for a story within stories.

Short and crisp, do give it a read on a rainy noon alone at home.

P.S. The narrator in the book Joanna Fonseca has the same initials as the author, Jessica Faleiro. Mere coincidence or Hitchcock-esque touch?

3 thoughts on “Book review: Afterlife – Ghost stories from Goa

  1. Manisha says:

    Intriguing review. Would have enjoyed it a bit more with a couple of hints/ details of some of the standout stories in the book. Thumbs up for putting it on my to-read list, though 🙂

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