‘Carpe Diem’ for your career

Job search

Recently, I came across this site willfreshdeskhireme.in. Aswin Vayiravan, a ‘fresh off the boat graduate’, as he calls himself, had set his heart on joining Freshdesk. However, he landed a job with another reputed firm via campus placement. Caught between a conventional career path for a software engineer and the desire to work at this favourite company. So what does this enterprising lad do?

This ‘agmark geek’ (his words, not mine) put up a microsite listing his qualities, skills and passions. (The list did run a mile long, truth be told) Also thrown in was a well-thought response to the standard interview question ‘Why do you want to join our company?’ He ended with a fervent plea to not be turned into a ‘boring IT guy’ 🙂 Needless to say, Aswin caught the attention of the right people and the coveted job’s in his bag now. Kudos to his initiative and go-getter spirit! I hope more and more people find inspiration in him and take charge of their careers.

But the sad truth is even today, in this age of networking and social connectivity, we have job-seekers (both freshers and experienced professionals) clueless about how to get their dream job or branch into desired fields or even seek employment. We all have come across friends and relatives, who hand us their CVs asking us to find them/ their offspring a job. They could ask whether I am in a relevant job profile, or if I know someone useful they could be introduced to, or what networks/websites to hit up for their search.

It is after all, your career. The one thing that will feed you, give you an excuse to wake up and prevent your brain from atrophying for the next 20-30 years. Why throw everything at the wall and see what sticks?

Comments, please?

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