Your move, friend

We looked at the sea. I vividly recall the beautiful sunset, blurred by tears. “Everything is going to change”, you said.

“No! We’ll not let anything happen to us”, I protested.

“I want us to go back to how we were”, you sighed.

“Of course we will, silly” I said. “We can face anything together. “

But this time was different, we both knew. We had been best buddies since forever. I teased you about your geekiness, you gave me a hard time about how clumsy I am. You got me my first pint, I told you how to go get that hot girl on campus. I held you when you had your first heart-break, you helped me chase my dream job. It was a beautiful friendship. Deep. Colourful. Resilient. But unfortunately not invincible.

One of us wanted more. What-if became more important than what we have. Why-not led to why-don’t-you and turned into how-could-you. Till, one day, we ran out of words. We had no more tears to shed.  But we discovered, to our surprise, the strength of our friendship. Hand in hand, trudging back to where it all started, we vowed to never let go.  No matter what life threw at us.

I still mean it. Your move, friend.

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