Love means never having to say ‘I love you’

All of today’s relationship experts and love gurus keep telling us to say ‘I love you’… ‘Tell your loved ones’, they say, ‘express your feelings’. All around me, people are declaring their love, wishing birthdays (to people they sleep right next to, for God’s sake!) and sharing romantic/intimate moments on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/latest-platform-for-attention-whores.

True love

But, here’s looking at a couple who have never used those special words in nearly 34 years of marriage. I have never seen them hold hands, a date for them involves visiting the nearest temple and never do they say sorry after a fight. But they make it work beautifully, laugh at each other, fight like dogs and cats and gang up on their only daughter – a paragon of patience with decent writing skills.

So chocolatiers, flower sellers, jewellery makers and fancy diners, here’s news for you. Valentine’s day isn’t my Day of Love. I’d rather live for little moments of laughter, craziness and friendship with benefits. 🙂

Comments, please?

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