Once upon a time

Once upon a time in a land far away, there was a beautiful house. Built with great love and thought, she stood proud, happy and tall.  As the architect put in power, plumbing and fittings, everyone told the house things like -“Hope a nice person moves in real soon”, or “Someone calling you ‘home’ is the greatest feeling you can ever have”. They even told her, “You can’t become a home if you delay it too much”. The house didn’t mind all the advice and suggestions. “It’ll happen when it happens”, she told everyone resolutely.

Then, one fine day, someone did plan to make her a home. Someone special decided to move in. She was so excited; it was all she could do to shout the news from her rooftop. Would they be smart, thoughtful, brave and pretty, she wondered. Would they take on some of her traits, she mused. She was determined to love them with all her heart, and be the best home possible.

Sadly, nobody moved in. They fell ill and could not live here. The house did not become a home. She was heart-broken. Other houses consoled her. Someone else will be there shortly, they said. You’ll be a very happy home, they insisted. She nodded, put on a brave face and decided to move on.

Yet, on some days, when no one is looking, she still thinks to herself what could have been. Why it wasn’t. And if she will ever forget the first person who almost moved in.

Comments, please?

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