Andaman trip – Part 1

This Diwali, me and athukar finally decided to take that long overdue trip to Andaman. My uncle and aunt (bless their generous hearts) agreed to host us in Port Blair and made the necessary enquiries on our behalf. Armed with his frequent flier miles, a dozen cute clothes and a ton of sunscreen, we landed amidst a blur of beautiful blue seas and gorgeous green islands. An awesomely fantastic time was had!! 🙂


Special thanks to: Ramesh uncle and Geetha aunty for feeding us huge quantities of yummy food, helping us organize this trip, hosting us and being great company!


1. This is entirely a subjective account of my experiences. Use your brains, or better, Google.
2. Ours was a budget trip. If you’re rich/ high maintenance/ trying to impress someone/mooching off someone else(lucky), read point 1

For all you hajaar people asking me what-when-where-why-how, here you go : A 2-part series on my Andaman vacation.

Part 1: General gyan
Please to keep in mind:

  • The sun sets really early in this part of the world. It’s dark by 5 pm. In most places, you’ll be indoors by 6 pm. Plan accordingly and carry a book, laptop or music or whatever floats your boat
  • Only Airtel and BSNL have excellent connectivity throughout the islands. Good luck trying to send a mail or tweet on your trip, if you have a Vodafone connection( weak and sporadically available)
  • Ferries / speedboats run at particular hours of the day, so plan all island visits around their timings
  • Boats, especially the Macruzz speedboats lurch about quite a bit in the sea. If you’re prone to motion sickness, please carry some medication
  • In Neil and Havelock Islands, book a hotel on/close to the beach, preferably one well-lit enough for you to sit and chill at the beach at night too
  • On these islands, the check-out time in all hotels is between 7.30-8 am. In case you’re planning to return to Port Blair by an evening boat, figure out where you’ll hang around/keep your luggage till then
  • Do try out at least one of the water sports – snorkelling, scuba diving, sea-walking, etc.

Coming up : Part 2 – Day-by-day details of the amazing Andamans

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