Fifty shades.. of nothing


You’re mistaken if you think there’s only one shade of sadness. There is sorrow that pours out of your eyes and heart. There is grief that gnaws at you from within. There is pain that suddenly comes up from behind, grabs you and rips apart the mask of normalcy you wear. The despondency with which you furiously strike deals with a Higher Power.The anguish that can only come in the aftermath of dashed hopes.

And then, the worst of all, when you know feeling sad can make it all real. You can’t pretend it was all a bad dream.You can’t stop your voice on the phone from breaking.  You can’t go about eating cake and loving the attention.So the only way out you have is to paste a smile on your face,  take one day at a time and go about your job hoping it will seal in the agony that is bubbling just beneath the surface.

And wait for the scars to heal and wait for the darkness to end.

Comments, please?

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