I wanna make Fraandship with…

This whole Friendship day hoopla had me thinking- which popular characters would I love to be friends with?
1. Nancy Drew

Ah.. summer vacation memories! Super sleuth with brains, beauty and balls, we could team up and work as kick-ass crime busters. ( Cue: Charlie’s Angels theme music)

2. Calvin ( Of He and Hobbes fame )

My favourite six year old. Calvin, I and Hobbes would go off on our myriad adventures, piss off authority (parents, bosses, teachers alike) and have secret societies in tree houses with cool acronyms.

3. The Winchester brothers

…….. Sigh. The Delicious Duo from Supernatural. As friends, they’d protect me from malevolent paranormal activity.Yea, honest, that’s the only reason I wanna get close, I mean, be a close friend of Sam/Dean Winchester.

4.Hermione Granger


Smart, sassy, spitfire and a fiercely loyal friend. Enough said.


Another of my childhood favourites. Picture this gang of friends – a boy who speaks ‘wolf’, a bear, a panther & a python.. and me. Talk about a multi-dimensional group. Imagine the spectrum of our conversations. Awesome, no?

Which fantasy figures would to be friends with? Go on, add some interesting names to this list!

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